How Triple 13 delivered 1.75x higher CPMs & boost revenue by 75% for VentureBeat

Founded in 2006, VentureBeat is the leading source for transformative tech news and events that provide deep context to help business leaders make smart decisions and stay on top of breaking news.

With over 6M monthly unique visitors and 12M monthly page views Venture Beat is recognized as the leading media authority in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Site had AMP but wasn't being optimzed for AMP Ads
  • Wanted to improve their monetization performance by increasing their eCPM
  • Increase visibility in search results




AMP Ads Optimization

Monetization Strategy

Increase Visibility

This case study is broken down in to four parts: Goals, Challenges, Approach and Results.
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What goals did Venture Beat have?

We discussed the desired outcome and performance goals we wanted to hit.



What challenges did we face?

We audited the site to find quick wins & formulate our plan of attack.



Our approach to optimizing AMP

What we did to deliver programmatic auction growth to Venture Beat



The results speak for themselves

The results broken down into detail explaining the impact of our changes.



We were approached by VentureBeat to see if we could help advise them on improving their revenue from AMP and how we could help their setup. They have a fast, well managed and optimized website but wanted to improve upon their monetization of AMP as this brought in a lot of traffic from their mobile users.
We turned our attention to improve these 3 key areas below:

  • Increase display ad revenue
  • Increase eCPM
  • Deliver higher total impressions
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We love a challenge

We had a number of ideas after we completed our initial audit of their site and we agreed at first to run A/B testing on some of their pages to see how we stacked up against our recommendations versus their current setup.
The challenge was to show what our suggestions could do on a small-scale level that we could rapidly build-out. It was a real test of our expertise in AMP to show what could be achieved on just a few ad-units on just a few pages.

Our solutions needed to provide a good user experience, delivering higher viewability with a focus on improving eCPM. Below we break down how we approached this and broke it down.


Our team did the following:

  • First identified what we needed to work on by completing a comprehensive audit on the site. This helps us understand how well the site is built and what areas we need to focus on to improve
  • To prove our approach worked we decided to A/B test our tech solution versus their existing solution on a small scale
  • We had about 2 months where we constantly analysed all the data flowing through to the website. We considered every aspect of data and what it was telling us and tweaked it accordingly
  • We meticulously combed through the code finding opportunities to fine-tune our ideal setup that will deliver the results we expected
  • We did this by constantly running mini experiments on placement, viewability, and refresh rates and we implemented these changes immediately
  • This level of attention to data and quick turnaround of putting fixes in place is what allowed us to prove our approach worked
  • We added Ad formats that yielded better results compared to what they used before
  • Fine-tuned ad frequency, refresh rates, and extensive refinement of ad placement throughout the site

Our aim is to not waste impressions to get as much as we can from the traffic that we get and have each ad optimised and filled to deliver the best possible results. This will naturally improve eCPM and the overall revenue capability of the site.

Once the team over at VentureBeat were happy with our setup and results of our experiments they wanted to go live on all of their ad units.
We worked hand in hand with VentureBeats experienced dev team to deliver our setup across their website. Implemented our suggestions to all ad units and Ad stack.


The results speak for themselves

Don't take our word for it...

"We started working with Triple13 to see what improvements we could make to our AMP Site, but we didn’t expect the results to totally blow us away with a 75% increase in total revenue and a 61% increase in CPM! Results are fantastic and we are very happy with the results, however, what we value even more is the level of service a company can provide us. Triple13 went above and beyond our expectations, they were in constant contact with our dev team, always looking for ways to improve our performance. Their level of knowledge around AMP has thoroughly impressed us as we’ve not had any other monetization partner that knows what it takes to make consistent."

Benjamin Ilfeld
CEO - Venture Beat

Every publisher is different

That's why our expertise in analyzing your ad stack and your data will allow us to create a custom setup designed to maximize revenue and increase CPM.

We don’t just stop there, we are constantly looking for ways to improve your performance month in, month out by closely monitoring your site's metrics and making tweaks along the way.

Our experience with AMP allows us to capitalize on opportunities and spot problems before they happen. This is how we get stellar results for our clients.

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