Importance of Amazon in your demand stack

Since Amazon entered the advertising market, there has been a shift in how things are done. This is because they are leveraging on first-party consumer data, an established DSP business, and a header bidding solution. All these solutions are built under the "Amazon Publisher Services” (AMP), which is a suite of cloud-based solutions.

In this article, we would look deeper into Amazon Publisher Services and why it is important to integrate it into your demand stack.

What is "Amazon Publisher Services"?

Amazon publisher services (APS) is simply a suite of top-notch solutions for the Ad tech industry. These are services that are cloud-based and created to meet the needs of large publishers, mobile App developers, Mid-size publishers, and programmatic bidders.

The solution comes in three fronts:

  • Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM)
  • Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM)
  • Shopping Insights

Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM)

This is a solution from Amazon Publisher Services (AMP) to tackle the challenges faced by web and app developers with header bidding. This includes:

  • Costly integrations
  • Slow page loading (Latency )
  • Lack of transparency in server-side bidding
AMP introduced a cloud-based header bidding marketplace with a single integration for publishers to have better access to top ad buyers, including Amazon. Here, all bidders compete competitively to help improve revenue and user experience by sending only one request from your browser to multiple bidders.

Benefits of the Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM)

Transparency: Just as the name says, the whole process is transparent. There are no fees for publishers, and there is an auction-level reporting to ensure that only the highest bid wins.

Large Footprint of Demand SSPs: You have access to your preferred partner with an easy flow into incremental demand from over 20 SSPs.

Trusted partners: Amazon has a track record of associating with proven experts and partners. You, therefore, have access to a pool of unique Amazon demand that is trusted and proven in building scalable infrastructure.

Increased revenue with no extra work: with TAM, you can add demand sources through a server to server integration (just once) and at no extra development cost.

Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM)

Unified Ad Marketplace is another ground-breaking solution that addresses certain challenges faced by publishers in the ad tech industry. This includes:

  1. Limited Access to buyers
  2. Multiple contracts and multiple integrations
  3. Fragmented reporting

It is a cloud-based header bidding marketplace that gives publishers access to Amazon ads as well as unique ads from other buyers. It comes with a single contract and simple integration and setup using

  1. Automated line item configurations
  2. Single header tag integration

You can also track all your earnings through a single and understandable dashboard. The idea of multiple buyers is to create competitiveness, which will, in turn, create better earnings for you. Note that AMP's Unified Ad Marketplace is an invite-only program. Once you get approved, you are good to go. UAM is mainly designed for publishers who exclusively represent their sites and have Google Ad manager as their ad server.

Characteristics of Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM)

Unified and unique Demand: There is a pool of unique ads from Amazon and demand from SSPs. There is a transparent and equal competition between all bidders in the marketplace.

Single and Simple server-side integration: there is only a need for a single integration that connects you to all buyers. You only have to set up your ad server line items with not many clicks.

One contract and one check: you can easily gain access to all demand with just a click-through agreement or contract. You also do not have to worry about earnings as all earnings are combined and sent as one payment in 60 days.

Reduced latency and Improved user experience.

The benefits are limitless with UAM. Once you receive your invitation, getting started is quite easy. There are just four steps to get started.

  1. Create an account using your invitation code and your approved site
  2. Set up DFP using a UAM order and line item so your DFP can receive UAM bids
  3. Integrate the JavaScript code on your web page header so ads can request bids from UAM
  4. Set up your payment and start receiving payments

You also have access to reports that include earnings, bid requests, and impressions. There are also filters for ad slots, sizes, price points, sites, and devices.

Finally, UAM charges a 10% fee from SSP bid prices preceding a first-price auction.

Shopping Insights

No doubt, your audience is most important to your ad space as value is dependent on your knowledge of your visitors. This has been made easy with Amazons' solution – Shopping Insight service. This is an analytic solution that empowers your sales team with the right tools to partner with the right advertisers. Also, this helps your editorial team to create more relevant content suited for your audience. This is done by AMP’s aggregated shopping data and insight on your audience. It simply shows you which visitors are visiting your site and how they index against Amazon audience segments.


Amazon insights: You gain access to Amazon’s insight into your audience’s shopping patterns to help you improve advertising.

Smarter pitches: you can differentiate your ad inventory using customized packaging leveraging on granular shopping categories on Amazon.

Improved contents: With Amazon shopping insight, your content is more informed, and you have a better opportunity to attract and engage new, existing, and high-valued users.

The beauty of Amazon Shopping insight is that it is a first-party audience- compared to others that make use of panels and surveys to get insights.

Difference between TAM and UAM

Most persons get confused between TAM and UAM. The table below shows a breakdown of the two and how they are different.

With the services provided by AMP, all publishers, including smaller publishers, can get a better opportunity to test their interest in ads and get highly niche targeted ads. Also, there is no doubt that advertisers will benefit from Amazon by advertising to a larger range of audiences beyond the normal.

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