Google is changing the way they rank sites and there is a simple equation to follow, SPEED = Better UX = Rankings = Traffic = $$$$

Speed: is now one of the primary factors that contributes to higher rankings

The main reasons why websites are inherently slow and provide poor experience on mobile is because they are overloaded with heavy code & scripts that slows them down in the process. Improving your site speed has a direct impact on if your visitors stay or leave your page. That decision on mobile takes less than 3 seconds.

Google has had the solution for publishers for a while now and you have probably already heard of it. Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP for short. It works by loading incredibly fast stripped down versions of full web pages for mobile viewing.

Better UX and Rankings: The faster your site the better the user experience which in turn will deliver higher rankings

Here are the core factors to achieving higher rankings in Google next update.
  • Website Load times / Page Speed
  • Bounce Rate - How quickly they leave your site when they land on your site
  • Page Dwell time - how long a person spends on a page before they leave


This ultimately means you get more traffic because your site has higher perceived value and a better user experience which in turn you’ll be rewarded with higher search rankings.


This is where AMP comes into the picture, Jarrod Dicker, said AMP improves click-through rates by up to 50 percent. He also said, “The Post publishes over 1,000 articles in AMP every day, and they're already seeing concrete benefits… We have seen load times average 400 milliseconds, an 88% improvement over our traditional mobile website.

  • Mobile friendly websites are rewarded higher rankings if they are built with AMP as they will rank above non AMP pages.
  • AMP eliminates all non-essential elements for better functionality and speed that allows pages to be pre-rendered and load web pages instantly.
  • Improves server responsiveness and efficiency if your site generates an immense amount of traffic from mobile, AMP can help in reducing the load on servers and boost performance.
  • Increases mobile rankings and visibility in search results. Site speed and conversion rates are strongly related to how well your site can rank.

"All of these benefits combined will result in more traffic, greater exposure and discoverability. Which will equal greater profits from your Ad inventory. "

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