Innovation in monetization

Bidder is specifically designed to take advantage of a number of key technologies that publishers and networks depend on.

With Bidder’s powerful tools, our clients can take advantage of the new standard in open-source technology for all of their header bidding purposes. It’s time to ensure that your website and digital strategy remains evergreen for as long as possible.

Built On Latest PreBid Technologies

You can use Bidder to create a completely customised PreBid build using as many adapters that you need to make the process easier, faster, and more streamlined than ever before. Bidder has several other features to further enhance your technology stack.

Google Ad Manager Integration

Use Bidder to leverage the true power of Ad Manager’s full suite of API tools. From ad unit codes, to paths and sizes, you can pull all of this data directly from Ad Manager for a fast and seamless process that reduces manual input and mitigates risk for errors.