AMP Monetization Specialists

Many people don't realise that your ad inventory is not built into the AMP architecture. There’s a fair bit of work required to optimise the system to the right type of content.

We specialise in AMP monetization and it’s what we are really passionate about. If you’re publishing in AMP then it's essential that you’re optimised to deliver the best possible return on your inventory.

We have a proven track record of helping publishers to manage their ad inventory and maximise advertising revenue. Our focus on AMP has resulted in developing exceptional knowledge of this format. By partnering with Google, IAB and Prebid it allows us to make the most of this knowledge by connecting with some of the highest ranked exchanges around the world resulting in high viewability rates and easy management of multiple SSP’s

By working with you to identify and understand your audience demand, we’re able to programme your content onto the right channel at the optimum price at the right time. Implementing dynamic floor pricing, high viewability and using high impact formats to drive high yielding results across all your sites. Using powerful tracking and monitoring tools, we ensure that your users see your ads wherever they are consuming.

We have AMP optimised server-side bidding enabled to deliver higher yields for publishers, with high quality ad units in front of consumers, from advertisers wanting to pay higher rates. Your highest bids get filled first, allowing you to get the highest CPM rates possible.

We have partnerships with the top AMP specific SSP such as Google and Amazon, Magnite (formally Rubicon Project), OpenX, Xandr, Pubmatic. We have also partnered with Sourcepoint to offer CMP for all our publishers helping them to comply with privacy regulations and enable consented personalized experiences.

The missing piece of the puzzle for a lot of publishers is transparent and powerful reporting that is simple and easy to understand. We’ve developed comprehensive reporting to deliver fast and easy to access information when you need it the most.

You’re already busy managing your business, adding one more thing to do just seems that little bit too much at times. That’s why we believe in removing as much friction as possible whether its communications, reporting and payments. We have automated payments for all our publishers saving you from email ping pong and adding another to do item at the end of every month.

Friction can also be created in code whether you're aware of it or not, that’s where our technical support team comes in to play. We have a wealth of experience in developing in-house custom AMP tech and troubleshooting. So, whatever questions or problems you have we are here to help every step of the way.