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Freestar Announces Acquisition of Triple13

We are thrilled & excited to join the Freestar team and welcome the opportunity to combine our strengths and technology to serve our clients better.

AMP monetization & advertising technology specialists

Need a boost from your AMP Revenues or need to implement a cutting edge upgrade to your ad-stack?

We are a technology company focused on accelerating publishers’ digital advertising revenue. Our AMP monetization specialists create effective ways for publishers to monetise their inventory and delivering great yield from each ad impression. With a full stack of tools and insights, we empower publishers of all sizes to create dramatic revenue growth across their AMP inventory.

About Triple13

We are AMP monetization specialists that focus on leveraging our purpose built technologies to optimise revenue from programmatic advertising. We are a passionate bunch of developers, analysts and professionals with the mission of driving innovation in the ad-tech space. We are partnered with Google, IAB and Prebid. This gives us an understanding of real business needs, and allows us to deliver solutions of the highest quality and flexibility that solves our customers' problems.

"Hi, I am Matthew Whaley the Founder and CEO of Triple13. I'm so proud of the amazing cutting edge technology we've created and tailored service we offer our clients. It is truly wonderful working with this collection of people. We’re here to make your life easy. To ensure each project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, our team is completely adaptable to work in the way that’s best for you. Just tell us what approach you’d like to take and consider it done"

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